How to join Indian Air Force?


Every Indian youth have dream to join world’s 4th largest Air Force who have primary responsibility of securing Indian airspace and during conflict they are responsible to conduct aerial warfare. The Indian Air Force was officially established on 8 October 1932 as auxiliary air force of the British Empire. Its first AC flight came into being on 01 Apr 1933. After independent in 1947 Air Force served the dominion of India  and after that India Air Force involved in major four wars with Pakistan and neighboring China. Other major considerable operations undertaken by the Indian Air Force were Operation Vijay, OperationMeghdoot, Operation Cactus and Operation Poomalai as well as Indian Air Force also active in participant in United Nations peacekeeping missions. The Indian Air Force is one of the third wing of Indian defense services and always play a major part in Indian airspace & border security. The Indian Air Force mission is defined by the Armed Forces Act of 1947,Constitution of India and the Air Force Act of 1950 in the aerial battle space, as “Defence of India and every part there of including preparation for defence and all such acts as may be conducive in times of war to its prosecution and after its termination to effective demobilisation.”

This article tell you how to join the Indian Air Force? What are the requirements to become a part of world’s fourth largest Air Force? What are the Education qualifications required to become Air Force officer? What are the basic physical standards required? Many of young generation have capability to join the forces but they have lake of information about the basic requirements and about future career in forces. Every year millions of candidates compete to select or qualify the exam of Air Force and many of them leave the exam in between because they can’t met the required standards.

To join Indian Air Force is dream for millions of Indian youth particularly in the flying batch. Many candidates how are looking for magnificent, glamorous and challenging job give their years of years to qualify the exam to become Flying officer.  Being a flying officer your limitations are not only to fly the aircraft but you may get opportunity to fly helicopters, transport and cargo related aircraft belonging to Indian Air Force. Qualification exams are held by UPSC twice in year and all information about the exam and its other important dates you will find on and Candidate will take all information online through these sites or all opening and notifications you will check on as well. After 12th candidate will apply to write the examination conducted twice a year by UPSC as we told you, these exams are get you enter into National Defense Academy. All those candidate who qualify and come in the merit list they directly join for three years training in NDA (National Defense Academy). During this training candidates get their  bachelor’s degree but it depends on the subjects you studied there.  After getting you bachelor degree all candidates get their speciation training into Army, Navy or Air force. These candidate get their commissioned as an officer after another year and become a officers in Indian Army or Navy or Air Force.

As this article is about, How to join Indian Air Force so we are elaborating  more about the same. After qualify the commission officer’s have three main branches to join in Air force. These all branches work together with coordination & with defined systems. There are main three main branches in Air Force  and these three branches have further sub-branches.  Out of these main branches commissioned officers have to join one, these branches are :

  1. Flying Branch
  2. Technical Branch
  3. Ground Duty Branch

Let we talk little about the main three branches in Air Force, Flying Branch, in this division officers are trained as Pilots for major three type of aircraft like Fighter Jet, Transport Aircraft and Helicopters. Second branch is Technical Branch, this division is for Engineers, who have to work for machinery and equipments. They are directly involves like- maintenance, development and testing of equipment and machinery. This branch have two sub branches – Mechanical Branch and Electronics Branch. Third branch is Group Duty Branch, in this division is about administrative and accountability. This branch have sub branches like  Administration, Education, Accounts, Logistics and Meteorology.

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There are some education and  physical standards set by the authorities which everyone have to met and when any candidate start to prepare for the same they have to keep these things in their minds.

To join Air Force candidate required minimum 12th passed before he attend the exam. Students who are form science background have good opportunity in Air Force specially candidate who are with the subjects of Physics and Mathematics. Candidates who are in studying in 12th and want to appear for the qualification exam must also make sure that their schooling will be over by the time the course starts at NDA along with that candidate met the minimum age criteria as well. To join Indian Air Force candidate should be 10+2 with science stream and between 16.5 years to 19 years at the time of course started at NDA. To join Air Force as Flying officer candidate should be from science back ground and should be 12th passed. The students who are from the background of Physics and Mathematics with minimum 60% marks got the better chance to qualify for Flying officer position. Candidate have to meet the medical standards also during qualification as per defended by Air Force. There are proper medical check up done by the authorities but some so these basic standards are like:

  • Candidate’s Spinal Condition
  • Candidate’s Vision of eyesight
  • Candidate’s Anthropometric Measurements
  • Candidate’s Occular Muscle Balance

To join Air Force candidate have not only match the medical and educational qualification but he have to match the physical standards set by Indian Air Force authorities. These are the basic standards which define the fitness of candidate.  These are long check list of these standards which every candidate have to match for qualification but some of main checks are given below:

  • Minimum Weight and Height ratio
  • Good developed chests, as per standard expansion should be at least 5cm after full inspiration.
  • Excellent Physical and Mental health standard
  • Candidate have healthy bones and joints
  • Candidate have better hearing power

It will proud for any Indian to join the world’s 4th largest Air Force who have many world records on their name. Candidate who want to join it they have to make their self strong in the field of education as well as mentally and physically. For a individual there are lots of opportunities to developed their career in Air Force. To get more information about career options, training establishment, selection procedure, life in Air Force, pay, pay and benefits, Air Force history, etc. individual needs to select qualification from a drop down list to find career options in the IAF. Examination schedule, syllabus, candidate list, etc. are also available. Every year Indian Air Force come with the career opportunity twice in a year, candidates have to check the same on their official site time to time.

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In the end of Article we like to explain “Why you join Air Force?”.  There may be lots of answers and may be different or specific reasons to join Indian Air Force. There are several reasons which attract youth to join the Air Force like respect, uniform or responsibility, discipline, salaries & packages etc. But there are some other reasons also like Life full of adventures– As Air Force officer you will enjoy lots of adventurous life and enjoy lot of things like paragliding, skydiving, para motor flying, wind surfing etc. Air Force trained you for many different army operations as well. Second you improve your Quality of life compared to civil life. This life offer you lots of challenges, honors, prestige, self respect, social respect for you and your family. Third import contribution of Air Force is Growth in life, in Air Force every individual get equal opportunity of growth. If a individual have capability he will grow his/ her career up to very higher side. There are so many division or branches like Flying officer, Flight Lieutenant, Squadron Leader, Wind Commander, Group Captain etc. in Air Force and everyone have chance to growth their career in the divisions.

Air Force also impact on your social status and social values. Air Force officers enjoyed a unique status respect in the eyes of country people. Their families get hug respect from the society as well. Air Force develop individuals and let them learned about social values like loyalty, duty, nationalism, integrity, respect about service  etc.

We close this article with the motto of our Air Force which they always keep in their minds and heart; “The Motto of Indian Air Force has been taken from eleventh chapter of the Gita, the Discourse given by Lord Krishna to Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra during the Great War of Mahabharata. The Lord is showing His Supreme Divine form to Arjuna and the great form of the Lord is reaching the sky with glory, evoking fear and loss of self-control in the mind of Arjuna.The Indian Air Force, similarly, aims to overwhelm the adversaries with application of aerospace power in defence of the nation.

Lord, seeing your form Touching the Sky With Glory, effulgent, multi-coloured, having its mouth wide open and possessing large flaming eyes, I, with my innermost self frightened, have lost self-control and find no peace.

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