sardar-patel-universityThe University was founded by virtue of the Act passed by the Legislative Assembly of Mumbai which was then known as Bombay. The university has been granted recognition by UGC in 1968 by virtue of the 2f Act. It has established twenty six Postgraduate Departments and also consists of a college as well. The university has given affiliation to about 87 colleges. Semester pattern of examination is followed in the postgraduate courses.

The University was established with the aim of restoring and rejuvenating the condition of the rural regions in India by utilizing information rising out of the extensive study and ongoing research in the era of current technological advancement. The university strives towards a prospective future where students can achieve optimum success by cultivating their individual talents. The inherent skills are to be developed without confining the human spirit which will result in creative construction of knowledge.

The basic aim is to provide the people residing in the rural areas a scope to get higher and better education. The scientific research field is to be constantly explored. The university is progressing to attain standardization as per international norms and economic development.

Established              :  1955
Vice Chancellor       :   Harish Padh
Location                   :   Vallabh Vidya Nagar, Gujarat
Affiliations               :   UGC
Website                    :

Study Institutes Affiliates:

  • Nalini Arvind & T. V. Patel Arts College, Vidyanagar
  • S. Patel Arts College, Anand
  • B. Patel Science College, Anand
  • B. Patel College of Education, Vidyanagar
  • Shri Dr. V.H.Dave  Homoeopathic College & Research Institute, Anand

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Faculty of Arts

  • Department of English
  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Gujarati
  • Department of Hindi
  • Department of History
  • Department of Library & Information Science
  • Department of Political Science
  • Department of Psychology
  • Department of Sanskrit
  • Department of Social Work (MSW)
  • Department of Sociology

Faculty of Science

  • Department of Bio-Science
  • Department of Computer Science
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Electronics
  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Materials Science
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Statistics
  • Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Faculty of Home Science

  • Department of Foods & Nutrition
  • Department of Food Biotechnology
  • Department of Family Resource Management
  • Department of Home Science

Faculty of Home Science (Self-Finance Courses)

  • Department of Food Bio-Technology
  • Department of Human Development
  • Department of Textiles & Clothing

Faculty of Business Studies 

  • Department of Business Studies

Faculty of Management Studies

  • Department of Management Studies

Faculty of Education

  • Department of Education

Faculty of Law