7 Ways for Students to Improve Their Communication Skills


In this 21st century to become successful communication skills are the must. It is the most indispensable skill required. This is that part of our lives which is required everywhere. When you communicate well, it shows your quality of being a well-educated person. In this article we will be discussing about how communication skills are important in a student’s life. There are three basic components of communication skills which are listening, writing and reading. These three components are very common and therefore we take them for granted.

Technology on the other hand also plays a complementary role in strengthening student’s skills of communication. Students can take a grip on both oral and written communication skills by making use of technology. This can be also done in an expert way if done under teacher’s guidance.
Now let’s discuss about the points which will help students to improve their communication skills.

Technology and Oral Communication

Many people have several opinions about technology and communication skills. In many cases it is said that technology has hampered students in oral communication. An educator of media literacy has written that, the amount of technology which is used now-a-days has made students lose their oral communication ability. Many parents sense that their children are getting more into monosyllabic and teachers lacking to connect with students. Students normally do chatting and texting through acronyms and symbols, which reduces the talking part.

This is one side of the story. But they always say every coin has two facets. It means that technology has a very good impact oral communication. In this digital world technology has launched many facilities that help students in oral learning. For example storytelling, communicating with apps and a lot more helps in oral communication.

Podcast/ Audio Tape

Audiotape is very useful and essential for students as it helps in improving oral skills in the class. For development of receptive skills, the podcasts or tape players are the simplest way for children. They can listen on variety of topics to variety of speakers in various genres for example poems, songs, stories, lectures, interviews and dialogues.

Digital Storytelling/ Digital Movies/ Videotape

Videotape is a very good to improve communications kills. It is an advanced version of audiotapes. In videotapes students can not only hear the pre-recorded but also can visualize what is going on. This will help students to imitate, understand and observe oral communication. The videos help in learning language expressions, lip shapes from sentence structures, facial expressions, and distance between speakers, gestures and a lot more. Apart from this other aspects of language like sociological, behavioural and cultural can also be taught to students. This is how students can improve their basic ways of communication.

Language Lab

One more technology that is helpful in promoting speaking and listening skills is the interactive language lab. This is due to the fact that language lab benefits in development of oral communication skills better than a non-technological regular classroom. Say for instance, in repetition of choral drills, concentration of students is on the model (tape or teacher). With the sounds of classmates around them, they cannot concentrate on what teacher or tape is saying. In comparison to this if interactive language lab is used students can hear what is said and can later on practice it also.


Now you must be thinking what type of technology is this? How will it be useful for students? This technology helps students a lot in improving their oral communication skills. There are many children who hear properly, assess correctly but cannot orally say it. You can give those students voice-mail homework.


Many apps are there which will help in building communication skills like:

• WhQuestions
• Shake-a-phrase
• Voxer
• Voice
• Paper Telephone

Apart from the above mentioned resources many other resources are also there which have proven to be a great source to help students improve their communication skills. These resources are mentioned below:

1. Teaching oral communication skills by making use of technology.
2. Creating exceptional videos, podcasts and more i.e. digitally speaking.
3. Using skype technology for enhancing oral communication and language skills.

Presentations, discussions and debates are some other ways through which teachers can help their children in enhancing their communication skills. Teachers and parents should always encourage their children to take part in discussions and debates in various subjects in seminars or classrooms. This will sharpen students’ mind thus helping to improve communication skills.

Technology and Written Communication

Educators can strengthen written communication skills of their students by promoting them to participate in essay competitions and write papers in their own words. More assignments should be given to students so that they can think, write and learn. Writing competitions can also be organized by teachers in the classrooms. Is should be done by teachers so that students can share their experiences about what they feel and think.

Technology on the other hand has significantly given a strong impact on communication. This impact is both in terms of quantity and quality. High school and middle school student’s writings should be done. They can write blogs, give update on social media or online assignments can also be performed. Obviously there is no need of paper and pen. The fluid used for the purpose of writing is fueled through technology.

In a pandect many educators agreed on a point that technology has really helped in improving student’s communication skills. Technology has expedited their creativity and personal expression. Learning is never ending. Students can learn more and more by sharing their experience not only in classroom but also to the audience beyond it. This is how they can be engaged learning and at the same time improving communication skills. Using technology for writing has in real developed vocabulary, analysis, imagination and critical thinking of students.

Digital writing can also be encountered now. This helps students to outgrow their think in many ways. Reading on computers or any devices which are connected to internet and then writing it digitally is called digital writing.
Many apps and websites are known with technology savvy teachers who fuse digital instruments for writing purposes.



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