5 Top Science Careers Individual Choose After Class 12th


Which are 5 top Science careers individual choose after class 12th?

There are below five fields that are considered as the top five sciences career options for the students after completing their 12 standard. These are considered as the prime slot for the students from ages and still don’t have any chance to lose their popularity. All of us understand that the traditional mindset of the Indian parents is somewhat like this;’ you have to become a Doctor anyhow? It’s my dream’. Similarly the next options are engineering, pharmacy, architecture and the last option is about choosing the plain science graduation in academics.

As far as the top rated options are concerned after the 12 Science Medical, Engineering, Agriculture, Biotechnology and Forensic are considered as the top five choices. There are multiple options in the above fields that can be summarized as below;

Medical: There are various options for those willing to make their career in medical field; like MBBS(Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) , BDS (Bachelors of Dental Sciences), BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) , BHMS(Bachelor Of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery), and BPT(Bachelor of Physiotherapy). Apart some of the students also go into the field of pharmacy by undergoing B. Pharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy).

Engineering: This is perhaps the most vast filed that offers a wide array of options for the students to continue their studies as per aspirations. Right from the conventional branches of engineering like as civil, mechanical, electrical, and others the latest IT, Computers, biotechnology and medical electronics can be considered as options for pursuing career into engineering. The increased scope of internet and online sphere has carved a niche that most of the engineering aspirants want to move into Information Technology and Computer Sciences.

Agriculture: This is not that much popular now days; but it still has potential. A lot of aspirants are appearing in the agriculture tests and go into the field of agriculture sciences. There are various options like as the B.tech in Agriculture or B.Sc. in agriculture that is available for the students.

Bio Technology: The latest developments in sciences have made it possible that students can opt for the Biotechnology courses at undergraduate level. The studies include various options in this field like one may go for B.Tech or B.Sc. in Bio Technology. Genetic engineering and other related fields are also opened after completing such courses.

Forensic Sciences: It is also one of the preferred choices for the students after completing their 12 in science stream. There are various undergraduate level courses offered in this field by the different institutions and universities. It leads to make a career as forensic analyst or investigator.

Apart this the latest trends suggest that cyber security and the related areas are also emerging areas that attract the students to pursue their career into ethical hacking and allied fields. Of all the above categories engineering is among the most sought after and widely available career option for the science stream students after completing their +2 level educations.

How we make of better career after engineering

As most of the students understand that there are immense possibilities after completing their engineering but only a few mange to get extraordinary start and others have to keep up with the “let it be” type opportunities to start with. There are a lot of challenges that are there for the students that come out of the colleges after completing their engineering degrees. These not only include the herculean task of cracking the campus opportunities but also to make a sustainable start. There are various factors that restrict the students from captivating on the opportunities. The first and the foremost is about the skill set development as majority of the employability indices suggest that only 3% of the engineering graduates are capable enough to be assigned the responsibilities at entry level. Similarly the other factors like the personality traits and other matter a lot while moving on board or during the selection procedure.

There are some basic ideologies that must be focused while completing the engineering studies like as acquiring the relevant skills that are must for the career that you are looking for. It is not a wise thing to stay upon the opportunities that the college or the campus will shower upon you. It is always better that you start ahead with developing the skills on your own. The professional certification in the technologies and other related areas of your branch cam do wonders for you.

What are the opportunities in Science Careers?

The opportunities available in the science careers cannot be confined to those discussed above as there are enormous options for those who have creative bent of mind and have acquired the definitive skills that add to employability in your branch of engineering studies. The most of the science students have the opportunities to start with the entry level positions in their fields. This is a thumb rule as any medical or engineer or other science student has to learn from practical approach and the experience is a critical factor in your career at any level. The entry level positions and apprenticeship are the key to acquire the desired competence to start at junior level. This can be considered as the stepping stone.

The job opportunities available after Science careers

There are a lot of opportunities that are available after science career; which mainly falls in the areas like as assistant and other junior positions in the related areas of science. Like a forensic science graduate can opt for the lab assistant or junior level investigator profile; similarly the other options are you may move for teaching the diploma or undergraduate level students in your related areas of studies. Apart the science graduates can apply for vacancies that require graduate qualifications in the science streams as per their field of study. The engineering graduates can take up jobs as junior or assistant/trainee engineer in their respective fields in factories and other similar places.







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